What's new in Gerrit v3.4/v3.5

Gerrit v3.4 and v3.5 have been released with remote cooperation across the globe, creating and merging around 8k changes with the cooperation of 65 contributors from 21 different organisations.

Luca gives an overview of the major improvements introduced:

  • Java 11
  • SSH server and client stacks
  • Performance improvements
  • Requests deadlines and cancellations

Milutin gives an quick overview of latest UI improvements:

  • Improved Comments Tab
  • Comments Summary
  • Ported Comments
  • New Change metadata
  • A11y improvements
  • Performance improvements


What version are you currently running in production?

  • older than v2.16
  • v2.16 on ReviewDb
  • v2.16 on NoteDb
  • v3.0
  • v3.1
  • v3.2
  • v3.3
  • v3.4
  • v3.5
  • master

What is currently blocking you from upgrading?

  • Plugins not available in the new releases
  • Outage window too large for upgrading
  • Tried many times but always failed
  • Lack of support during the upgrade
  • Breaking changes

Luca Milanesio, GerritForge, Gerrit Maintainer - Release Manager - Member of the ESC Milutin Kristofic, Google