Gerrit User Summit 2019 - Speakers

Edwin Kempin - Google

Edwin is a long-time Gerrit contributor. He joined the Gerrit project in 2010, became a maintainer in 2012 and assumed the role as community manager in 2019.

Since 2015 he's working at Google in the Gerrit backend team that develops Gerrit core and maintains the Gerrit infrastructure at Google. Previously Edwin worked 10+ years at SAP where he was responsible for Gerrit development and hosting as well.

Luca Milanesio - GerritForge


Luca is the co-founder of GerritForge and has over 25 years of software development and application lifecycle management experience. He is a Gerrit Contributor since 2012 and member of the Engineering Steering Committee in 2019. Luca maintains, the Open Service for Gerrit Code Review on top of GitHub repositories.

Nicholas Mucci - Volvo Cars


Nicholas is a Technical Expert in Continuous Deployment and a System Architect for the Electrical Propulsion Systems group at Volvo Cars. He has worked on modernizing software engineering processes using Gerrit and other CM/CI systems previously at Garmin and Apple and has been a member of the Gerrit community since 2009.

Fabio Ponciroli - GerritForge


Fabio is a Senior Software Engineer at GerritForge where he contributes to the OpenSource Gerrit Code Review project. He has been involved since the beginning in the design and development of DevOps analytics tools for Gerrit. He has extensive experience in working on backend systems, on-premise and cloud-based, with different programming languages, such as Scala, Java, NodeJS and related ecosystems.

Alice Kober-Sotzek - Google

Alice has been a software developer for 8 years with a strong focus on Java development (both backend and frontend). In 2016, she joined the Gerrit project and became a maintainer 8 months later. When the Engineering Steering Committee was formed in 2019, she became one of its members.

Since joining the project, Alice has been part of Google's Gerrit backend team who develops Gerrit core and maintains the Gerrit infrastructure at Google. She is passionate about code health and wants to bring a good developer experience to everyone.

Michael Watkins - Softagram

Michael joined Softagram as a backend developer in the beginning of 2019, helping to reinforce the small team of developers in their new approach to code review and source code visualization. Shortly after joining the company, he began working on integrating Softagram‘s impact reports into the Gerrit workflow. Although he had no prior experience with Gerrit, Michael quickly learned some of the ins and outs, and is on his way to becoming a Gerrit expert. Besides sharing Softagram’s simplified approach to code review at the Gerrit User Summit in Sweden, Michael is looking forward to participating as an attendee and continuing to build on his Gerrit Code Review knowledge.

Thomas Gerbet - Enalean

Thomas is a software developer who has at heart to make application security easier to get right for everyone. Since 2015, he is one of the maintainers of the open-source ALM software Tuleap which gives him the chance to work daily with Gerrit.

James E. Blair - Red Hat

James is a core member of the OpenStack project infrastructure team and a maintainer of the Zuul project gating system. As a sysadmin and hacker he gets to write elegant code and then try to make it work in the real world. He has been active in free software for quite some time, and has previously worked for UC Berkeley and the Free Software Foundation.

Patrick Hiesel - Google


Patrick joined Google and the Gerrit project in 2016 working primarily on the backend. He is a Gerrit maintainer and a member of the newly formed Engineering Steering Committee. Before joining Google, Patrick worked on mobile apps and web backends as a freelancer and at another big tech company.

Patrick's main focus is performance and stability. He makes the latency graphs go up and the user satisfaction graphs go down. Or was it the other way around?

Monty Taylor - Red Hat


Monty currently leads the team that works on the Zuul project for CI/CD in Red Hat‘s CTO Office. He’s the founder, core member and past PTL of the OpenStack Infra team which runs CI and developer tooling for OpenStack. He's a member of the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors, a Python Fellow and past member the OpenStack Technical Committee. Monty is the PTL of the openstacksdk project and is the maintainer of the Ansible modules for consuming OpenStack. Before his OpenStack days he was a core developer on Drizzle and was a Senior Consultant for MySQL, Inc.