Frontend - Recent developments and upcoming changes in Gerrit's UI

After the successful launch of the Polygerrit rewrite in 2018, Google has moved the frontend and UX teams from California to Munich. We would like to introduce ourselves and talk about the work that we have done in 2019 and the roadmap for the next two quarters.

The talk will give an overview of infrastructure changes (e.g. Polymer 2 migration) and provide an update for all client plugin developers of what they can expect. But most importantly we want to talk about what we have identified as the main points in the Gerrit user experience and how we are planning to address them.

We will go into more detail about a feature that is planned for the 3.2 release: The Attention Set. It is designed to replace the current “assignee” feature and ensure that during review, it is always clear whose turn it is. So users will have a much easier time to find out which changes need their attention and which ones they can currently ignore.

Also beyond the talk Delphine, Marian and Ben are very eager to listen to any feedback you have about the Gerrit user interace and your experience with it. Feel free to come and find us at our booth in the breakout space, where you can also look at some design mocks in more detail.

Ben Rohlfs, Google Delphine Carlson, Google Marian Harbach, Google