Gerrit User Summit 2019 - Schedule

Hackathon, 24-28th August

8:30Registration Opens, Breakfast
9:30Presentation of the hackathon topics, introductions
12:15Lunch & Networking
17:00End of the day

The User Summit, August 29th (Thu) to 30th (Fri)

Introduction, intermediate and advanced sessions on Gerrit Code Review.

Thursday 29th August

8:30Registration Opens, Breakfast, Networking
9:00Welcome to Volvo Cars - KeyNote introduction
9:30What's new in Gerrit v3.0
10:30Break & Networking
10:45First-class Gerrit CI integration with Checks
11:45Gerrit goes multi-site
12:45Lunch & Networking
14:00Prolog-less submit rules, easy and for everyone
15:00Gerrit at Volvo Cars
16:00Break & Networking
16:30Using Zuul CI with Gerrit
17:30End of Day 1
19:00Dinner - Celebrations for Gerrit v3.0

Friday 30th August

9:00Breakfast, Networking
10:00Gerrit Review Analytics applied to the Android OpenSource Project
11:00Community Retrospective - Part 1
12:00Community Retrospective - Part 2
12:45Lunch & Networking
14:00Gertty, console-based interface to the Gerrit Code Review system
15:00End-to-End Git/Gerrit testing with Gatling
16:00Break & Networking
16:15Wrap-up and proposals for future Summits
17:00End of the Gerrit User Summit