Gerrit Multi-master and Multi-site: an OpenSource solution

Last year Qualcomm went live with a Gerrit multi-master setup. This year went multi-master and multi-site leveraging a series of extensions of the high-availability plugin on top of Gerrit 2.15.

See how has tackled the challenges and problems related to a multi-site using standard Cloud providers and services and OpenSource load-balancers and monitors.

Multi-site is a journey and is in the middle of it. Let's discuss our plans and see how your journey to multi-site can benefit from GerritForge experience:

  • What we have done in 2018
  • What we plan to do with the high-availability extensions
  • Sharding and multi-site
  • What's left
  • How does your multi-site plan look like?

Replay slides

Luca Milanesio, Gerrit Maintainer / GerritForge Ltd