DevOps Analytics - Uncover the value of Gerrit Pipeline

Uncover the hidden value of your CI/CD pipeline and discover how Gerrit DevOps Analytics helps to accelerate your development and quickly adapt to an ever-changing market.

GerritForge has published one year ago the Gerrit Analytics for the Gerrit Code Review project, showing live metrics on where the project is going, the key contributors and the most active repositories.

Learn how to expand the scope of the Data & Insights to the rest of the CI/CD Pipeline, including the Git traffic, system utilization and the relationships inside and across Teams. All of that is possible by just reusing what Gerrit Code Review provides and is often left behind.

See a real use-case based on a real-life scenario that can be taken home and applied to your CI/CD Pipeline.

Luca Milanesio, Gerrit Maintainer - GerritForge