PolyGerrit UX: Findings from research/experience on the new GUI

In July, the entire Chromium project moved from Rietveld to PolyGerrit. Logan will take us on a brief tour of some changes to Gerrit inspired by Chromium's unique workflow, some of which will be landing in Gerrit 2.15.

We also have a brand new visual design for the change view to present. You may have already seen some elements of this design rolling out to googlesource.com. Arnab will take us through the complete design and show us where it's going in the coming weeks.

Back in July you may have been asked to respond to a survey about your experience working with Gerrit. Dustin will present some key findings from that survey, and talk about how you can contribute further to UX research on Gerrit here at the Summit.


Recording and transcript