Gerrit at Google: Multi-master, Mutli-tenant

This talk is about hosting Gerrit at Google, gives insights into our architecture and provides some metrics on scale. In addition, it presents findings from the recent switch of our load-balancing infrastructure and highlights pitfalls we encoutered.

Gerrit at Google

  • Multi-master/-tenant setup
  • Replication
  • Housing large projects like Android and Chromium
  • Some metrics on scale
  • Outages and root-causes

Load-balancing Git/Gerrit Traffic at Google

  • Sharding of hosts, projects and repositories across hundreds of serving tasks
  • Optimizing different caches
  • Load-balancing decisions and their impact on latency
  • What garbage collection means for load-balancing and vice-versa


The slides for this talk can be found here.

Transcript and Recording

The recording and transcript of this talk can be found here

Patrick Hiesel, Google