This plugin serves project documentation as HTML pages.

If projects contain documentation, e.g. as Markdown files, the plugin automatically serves the generated HTML under /plugins/@PLUGIN@/project/<project-name>/<file-name>. The project name must be URL encoded.

The file is served from the branch/commit to which HEAD points unless a revision is specified in the URL as /plugins/@PLUGIN@/project/<project-name>/rev/<rev>/<file-name>. The revision must be URL encoded.


rev can be any ref or commit that is visible to the calling user.

If the file name is omitted, by default the plugin serves the from the project if available.

By setting the URL parameter raw the document will be returned as raw unformatted text.


The raw parameter cannot be used for binary files.

WARNING: By default inline HTML blocks as well as inline HTML tags may be suppressed by formatters. If suppressed both will be accepted in the input but not be contained in the output.

Images that are stored in the project can be included into the project documentation, but they are only rendered if the image mimetype is configured as a safe mimetype.

The plugin includes several formatters for rendering documentation.

To generate the HTML diff daisydiff is used which is licensed under the Apache2.0 license.