Gerrit Work in Progress plugin

This plugin adds a new button that allows a change owner to set a change to Work In Progress, and a button to change from WIP back to a “Ready For Review” state.

Any change in the WIP state will not show up in anyone's Review Requests. Pushing a new patchset will reset the change to Review In Progress.

In addition this plugin exposes this functionality as REST endpoints and SSH command.

Work In Progress Workflow:

Turn a change to WIP

Turn normal change to WIP and provide description why

New comment message

New comment message

Ready For Review button is shown for WIP change

The patch set is reloaded and Ready for Review is shown

The change is shown with status “Work In Progress” on change list

The change is shown with status Work In Progress on change list

Reviewers Dashboard filters the WIP changes

Reviewers Dashboard filters that WIP changes

Mark it as Ready For Review

Mark it as ready for review

Comments are updated correspondingly

Comments are updated correspondingly

Reviewers Dashboard shows that change again

Reviewers Dashboard shows that change again

Known limitations

Old change screen doesn't support JS API. So that the popup dialog is not shown if “Work In Progress” and “Ready In Review” buttons are used and no comments can be provided. New change screen should be used for best experience with WIP Workflow plugin.


This plugin is based on previous work of David Shrewsbury