Flat File WebSession Plugin Configuration

In order for multiple Gerrit masters to share websessions, the websessions directory must be stored on a filesystem that is shared amongst all the masters in your cluster. The location of this directory can be configured by adding an entry to the main Gerrit config file: $site_dir/etc/gerrit.config. This location defaults to $site_dir/websessions.

  [plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
    directory = <disk_cache_directory>

  # NOTE: <disk_cache_directory> can be any location on the
  # shared filesystem that can be accessed by all servers,
  # and in which rename operations are atomic and allow
  # overwriting of existing files

Reload the plugin on each master for the changes to take effect.

The plugin periodically cleans up the cache directory, deleting files corresponding to expired sessions. The frequency of this operation can be specified in the configuration. For example:

  [plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
    cleanupInterval = 1h

indicates the cleanup operation to be triggered every hour.

Values should use common time unit suffixes to express their setting:

  • h, hr, hour, hours
  • d, day, days
  • w, week, weeks (1 week is treated as 7 days)
  • mon, month, months (1 month is treated as 30 days)
  • y, year, years (1 year is treated as 365 days)

If a time unit suffix is not specified, hours is assumed.

Time intervals smaller than one hour are not supported.

If ‘cleanupInterval’ is not present in the configuration, the cleanup operation is triggered every 24 hours.


For more information about sharing websessions in multi-master setups, see the documentation for the multi-master plugin.