Broker WebSession Plugin Configuration

@PLUGIN@ parameters can be configured using Gerrit config file: $site_dir/etc/gerrit.config.

Sample config

[plugin "websession-broker"]
        webSessionTopic = gerrit_web_session

Configuration parameters

plugin.websession-broker.webSessionTopic : Name of the topic to use for publishing web session events. Default: gerrit_web_session

plugin.websession-broker.numberOfThreads : Number of threads used to send web session events via events-broker. Default: 1

plugin.websession-broker.cleanupInterval : Frequency of the expired web session cleanup operation. Value should use common time unit suffixes to express their setting: * h, hr, hour, hours * d, day, days * w, week, weeks (1 week is treated as 7 days) * mon, month, months (1 month is treated as 30 days) * y, year, years (1 year is treated as 365 days) If a time unit suffix is not specified, hours is assumed. Time intervals smaller than one hour are not supported. Default: 24 hours