The configuration of the @PLUGIN@ plugin is done on project level in the project.config file of the project.

Project owners can do the configuration in the Gerrit web UI from project info screen.

  [plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
    blockedFileExtension = jar
    blockedFileExtension = zip
    blockedFileExtension = war
    blockedFileExtension = exe
    requiredFooter = Bug
    maxPathLength = 200

plugin.@PLUGIN@.blockedFileExtension : File extension to be blocked.

Blocked file extensions are *not* inherited by child projects.

plugin.@PLUGIN@.requiredFooter : Footer that is required.

Required footers are *not* inherited by child projects.

plugin.@PLUGIN@.maxPathLength : Maximum allowed path length. ‘0’ means no limit.

Defaults to '0'.

The maximum allowed path length is *not* inherited by child