This plugin updates a submodule superproject based on a manifest repository.

It should be configured by adding supermanifest.config to the All-Projects project. The format for configuration is as follows:

[superproject "submodules:refs/heads/nyc"]
   srcRepo = platforms/manifest
   srcRef = refs/heads/nyc
   srcPath = manifest.xml
   toolType = repo

this configures a repository called submodules to have a branch nyc, for which the contents corresponds to the manifest file manifest.xml on branch refs/heads/nyc in project platforms/manifest.

valid value(s) for toolType right now is repo. It can be left blank to default to repo.

For the destination branch, you may also specify * to copy all branches in the manifest repository.

[superproject "submodules:*"]
   srcRepo = platforms/manifest
   srcPath = manifest.xml

This plugin bypasses visibility restrictions, so edits to the manifest repo can be used to reveal existence of hidden repositories or branches.