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The SuperManifest plugin is for projects that use the ‘repo’ tool to piece together a tree of git repositories. The repo tool reads an XML file that describes the layout of the tree.

The file is usually called default.xml, and the repository is usually called manifest.

Notable projects that use ‘repo’ include the Android Open Source Project.

The plugin will update a superproject to contain the submodules defined in the manifest XML file whenever the manifest repo is changed.


The plugin should be enabled in gerrit.config, and then configured with a supermanifest.config configuration file in the refs/meta/config branch. The supermanifest.config lists the mappings from source, eg.

    [superproject "codesearch:refs/heads/stable"]
      srcRepo = manifest
      srcPath = default.xml
      srcBranch = stable

If all branches from the manifest repo should be mirrored into the codesearch repository, you can specify * as the destination branch, e.g.,

    [superproject "codesearch:refs/heads/*"]
      srcRepo = manifest
      srcPath = default.xml


Users that have the administrateServer permission may simulate an update to the manifest repository. This is useful for debugging, and provides diagnostics that are otherwise written into the server logs. To do so, issue the following call

curl -X POST


There is also support for the Jiri manifest file used in the Fuchsia OS.

TODO(anmittal): provide more documentation.