Fix: enable to add a user within a project's ACL using 'user/username'

Currently, a user cannot be added to a project's ACL unless the user
already has READ permission in the project's ACL. For example, a user
cannot be given READ permission on refs/* if the user does not already
has READ permission on refs/*. In other words, it is impossible to give
READ permission of refs/* to an individual user.

The fix is done by disabling the filter which prevents any user that
does not have READ permission in the project's ACL from being added
within the project's ACL.

Verified using following steps:

1.Create a project with default configurations
2.Select the project and go to Access
3.Start typing 'user/' followed by a username at any refs for any
  permission type
4.Users containing the typed string is suggested for auto-completion
5.Choose a user to be added to the permission

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