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Secure Config plugin

Encrypt all the values contained in the Gerrit's secure.config.

How to build

Clone the secure-config plugin into a Gerrit source tree under the directory plugins/secure-config, and then run:

   $ bazel build plugins/secure-config

Resulting plugin jar is generated under bazel-genfiles/plugins/secure-config/secure-config.jar

How to install

Differently from the other plugins, secure-config needs to be copied to the /lib directory of Gerrit installation.


   $ cp bazel-genfiles/plugins/secure-config/secure-config.jar $GERRIT_SITE/lib/

How to configure

Add the gerrit.secureStoreClass configuration entry in gerrit.config to instruct Gerrit to use the secure-store plugin for the encryption and decryption of all values contained in your secure.config file.


   $ cat - >> $GERRIT_SITE/etc/gerrit.config
     secureStoreClass = com.googlesource.gerrit.plugins.secureconfig.SecureConfigStore

How to run

Gerrit secure.config properties need to be generated and managed using the Gerrit init wizard. All the passwords entered at init will be stored as encrypted values and then decrypted on-the-fly when needed at runtime.


   $ cd $GERRIT_SITE && java -jar bin/gerrit.war init
   Using secure store: com.googlesource.gerrit.plugins.secureconfig.SecureConfigStore

   *** Gerrit Code Review 2.13.2-1146-ga89e6a3

   $ cat etc/secure.config
	registerEmailPrivateKey = hfMC1Yi9NF5N3Yz7cVNUdJNPQfbb2g47RnaPElTraTh0MMB2OE+xeg==

Customising encryption settings

Default settings are fully working but are meant to be use for DEMO purpose only. You typicallty need to customize them according to your Company's Policies about passwords and confidential data encryption standards.

See below the gerrit.config parameters to customize the encryption security settings.


The JCE cryptographic provider for the encryption algorithms and security keys.

Default: SunJCE


The encyrption algorithm to be used for encryption. Different JCE providers provide a different set of cryptographic algorithms.

Default: PBEWithMD5AndDES.

NOTE - The default value is considered insecure and should not be used in production


The device or file where to retrieve the encryption passphrase.

Default: /dev/zero

NOTE - The all-zeros password is considered insecure and should not be used in production


The length in bytes of the password read from the passwordDevice.

Default: 8

NOTE - A 8-bytes (64-bit) password length is considered insecure and should not be used in production


Encoding to use when encrypting/decrypting values from secure.config.

Default: UTF-8