Global configuration of the @PLUGIN@ plugin is done in the reviewers.config file in the site's etc directory.

    enableREST = true
    suggestOnly = false

reviewers.enableREST : Enable the REST API. When set to false, the REST API is not available. Defaults to true.

reviewers.suggestOnly : Provide the configured reviewers as suggestions in the “Add Reviewer” dialog instead of automatically adding them to the change. Only supports accounts; groups are not suggested. Defaults to false. By default Gerrit will consider the suggestions with a weight of 1. To force the suggestions higher in the list, set a higher value (like 1000) in addReviewer.@PLUGIN@-reviewer-suggestion.weight in gerrit.config. Per project configuration of the @PLUGIN@ plugin is done in the reviewers.config file of the project. Missing values are inherited from the parent projects. This means a global default configuration can be done in the reviewers.config file of the All-Projects root project. Other projects can then override the configuration in their own reviewers.config file.

  [filter "*"]
    reviewer =

  [filter "branch:main file:^lib/.*"]
    reviewer =

  [filter "branch:stable-2.10"]
    reviewer = QAGroup

filter.<filter>.reviewer : An account or a group name. Must be an exact match (case sensitive) with the account's email address or username, or the group name. Multiple reviewer occurrences are allowed.

##Multiple filter matches

The plugin supports multiple filter matches.


  [filter "file:^build/modules/.*"]
    reviewer =

  [filter "file:^build/.*"]
    reviewer =

  1. Push a change for review involving file “build/modules/”.
  2. Both and get added or suggested as reviewers.