Global configuration of the @PLUGIN@ plugin is done in the reviewers.config file in the site's etc directory.

    enableREST = true
    suggestOnly = false
    ignoreWip = false

reviewers.enableREST : Enable the REST API. When set to false, the REST API is not available. Defaults to true.

reviewers.suggestOnly : Provide the configured reviewers as suggestions in the “Add Reviewer” dialog instead of automatically adding them to the change. Only supports accounts; groups are not suggested. Defaults to false. By default Gerrit will consider the suggestions with a weight of 1. To force the suggestions higher in the list, set a higher value (like 1000) in addReviewer.@PLUGIN@-reviewer-suggestion.weight in gerrit.config.

reviewers.ignoreWip : Ignore changes in WIP state. When set to true changes in WIP state are not considered when adding reviewers. Defaults to true. To enable adding reviewers on changes in WIP state set this value to false.

Per project configuration of the @PLUGIN@ plugin is done in the reviewers.config file of the project. Missing values are inherited from the parent projects. This means a global default configuration can be done in the reviewers.config file of the All-Projects root project. Other projects can then override the configuration in their own reviewers.config file.

  [filter "*"]
    reviewer =

  [filter "branch:main file:^lib/.*"]
    reviewer =

  [filter "branch:stable-2.10"]
    reviewer = QAGroup

filter.<filter>.reviewer : An account or a group name. Must be an exact match (case sensitive) with the account's email address or username, or the group name. Multiple reviewer occurrences are allowed.
NOTE: Reviewers are added in the context of the uploader which means that if a group is configured it needs to be visible to the uploader for reviewers to be added.

##Multiple filter matches

The plugin supports multiple filter matches.


  [filter "file:^build/modules/.*"]
    reviewer =

  [filter "file:^build/.*"]
    reviewer =

  1. Push a change for review involving file “build/modules/”.
  2. Both and get added or suggested as reviewers.