Use rescheduleDelay instead of replicationDelay when rescheduling

The replicationDelay was used for two purposes:
a) initial delay to schedule a replication
b) delay when rescheduling the replication due to an in-flight push

The replicationDelay could be set to zero, which make sense for the case a) but
doesn't make sense for the case b). Actually, when replicationDelay is set to
zero, the case b) will cause an excessive number of retries (over 1K/second) and
will also fire a replication failed event for each retry. The latter is yet
another issue and will be addressed in another change.

Introduce a new config parameter rescheduleDelay and use it for the
case b). Make sure it cannot bet set to a value lower than 3 seconds to
avoid the same issue.

In order to keep backwards compabitility with using the replicationDelay
as rescheduleDelay, a plugin init step is added. For each remote section
which doesn't already define rescheduleDelay, it will set rescheduleDelay
to the current value of the replicationDelay, unless replicationDelay is
set to zero. In the latter case it will assume the default value for
the rescheduleDelay.

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