Since the @PLUGIN@ plugin relies on some events defined in the replication plugin, the latter must be installed as a library module in the $GERRIT_SITE/lib folder.

It can be a simple symlink as follows:

ln -s $GERRIT_SITE/plugins/replication.jar .


The plugin itself has no specific configuration, however some Gerrit specific settings are relevant.


This plugin relies on a cache to store replication status information, the global cache configuration settings apply.

Please look at the gerrit cache documentation for more information on this.

In particular:

  • To define the lifespan of replication-status entries in the cache, look at the maxAge documentation. Default: store forever with no expire

  • To define how much disk space the replication-status cache can take, look at the diskLimit documentation. Default: disk storage for the cache is disabled

To modify this cache behaviour add the following stanza to the gerrit.config, for example:

[cache "replication-status.replication_status"]
   diskLimit = 52428800 # 50 Mb
   maxAge = 1 day

Gerrit instanceId

This plugin will try to discriminate among events produced by the current instances versus events produced by different instances.

If the gerrit node running this plugin has the gerrit.instanceId set to a specific value, it will only consume events that match it.

On the other hand, if the gerrit.instanceId is not defined, only events that _ do not_ have instanceId set will be consumed, as events exhibiting different instanceId values must have been generated by different gerrit nodes.