@PLUGIN@ - /projects/ REST API

This page describes the project related REST endpoints that are added by the @PLUGIN@.

Please also take note of the general information on the REST API.

Project Endpoints

Set Parent

PUT /projects/{project-name}/@PLUGIN@~parent

Reparents a project.

The new parent and a commit message can be specified in the request body as a ProjectParentInput entity.

Caller must be a member of a group that is granted

  • the ‘Reparent Project’ capability (provided by this plugin) or
  • the ‘Reparent Own Project’ capability (provided by this plugin) and be project owner or
  • the Administrate Server capability.


  PUT /projects/MyProject/@PLUGIN@~parent HTTP/1.0
  Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

    "parent": "Demo-Projects"



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