The configuration of the @PLUGIN@ plugin is done in the gerrit.config file.

Expected Configuration

Provides an option to configure the number of threads used for indexing the changes. The default value used for this option is 4.

  [plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
    indexThreads = 4

Rename project replication is enabled by adding appropriate url's. For example:

  [plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
    url = ssh://
    url = ssh://

To specify the port number, it is required to put the ssh:// prefix followed by hostname and then port number after :. It is also possible to specify the ssh user by passing USERNAME@ as a prefix for hostname.

Rename replication is done over SSH, so ensure the host key of the remote system(s) is already in the Gerrit user's ~/.ssh/known_hosts file. The easiest way to add the host key is to connect once by hand with the command line:

  sudo su -c 'ssh echo' gerrit2

@PLUGIN@ plugin uses the ssh rename command towards the replica(s) with --replication option to replicate the rename operation. It is possible to customize the parameters of the underlying ssh client doing these calls by specifying the following fields:

  • sshCommandTimeout : Timeout for SSH command execution. If 0, there is no timeout, and the client waits indefinitely. By default, 0.
  • sshConnectionTimeout : Timeout for SSH connections in minutes. If 0, there is no timeout, and the client waits indefinitely. By default, 2 minutes.

Provides a configuration to customize the number of rename replication retries. By default, 3.

  renameReplicationRetries = 6

Also, this plugin offers a way to restrict the new names of the projects to match an optionally configured regex. For example:

  [plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
    renameRegex = [a-z0-9]+

In this example the new names for projects will be restricted to only non-capital letters and numbers.