@PLUGIN@ Configuration

The @PLUGIN@ plugin is configured in the $site_path/etc/@PLUGIN@.config file:

File ‘@PLUGIN@.config’

  message = Gerrit is down for maintenance

If the configuration is modified, the plugin must be reloaded for the changes to be effective.

readonly.message : Message to be shown to clients when attempting to perform an opeation that is blocked due to the server being in read-only mode. When not specified, the default is “Gerrit is under maintenance - all data is READ ONLY”.

readonly.markerDir : Directory in which to create the file marking that Gerrit is in readonly mode. By default, this is $SITE/etc.

readonly.allowSshCommand : Allow one or more SSH commands to be executed. When the allow value starts with a caret ‘^’ then it is interpreted as regex, otherwise as a prefix. Repeat with multiple values to allow more than one command or pattern of commands. The command ‘gerrit plugin rm’ or ‘gerrit plugin remove’ is always allowed.

File gerrit.readonly

Marker file used to enable or disable the read-only status. When present under the $GERRIT_SITE/etc directory, Gerrit is set to read-only and only read operations are enabled according to the readonly plugin configuration.