@PLUGIN@ Configuration

The @PLUGIN@ plugin is configured in the $site_path/etc/@PLUGIN@.config file:

File ‘@PLUGIN@.config’

  message = Gerrit is down for maintenance

If the configuration is modified, the plugin must be reloaded for the changes to be effective.

readonly.message : Message to be shown to clients when attempting to perform an opeation that is blocked due to the server being in read-only mode. When not specified, the default is “Gerrit is under maintenance - all data is READ ONLY”.

readonly.allowSshCommand : Allow one or more SSH commands to be executed. When the allow value starts with a caret ‘^’ then it is interpreted as regex, otherwise as a prefix. Repeat with multiple values to allow more than one command or pattern of commands. The command ‘gerrit plugin rm’ or ‘gerrit plugin remove’ is always allowed.