This plugin can be built with Bazel, and two build modes are supported:

  • Standalone
  • In Gerrit tree

Standalone build mode is recommended, as this mode doesn't require local Gerrit tree to exist.

Build standalone

To build the plugin, issue the following command:

  bazel build @PLUGIN@

The output is created in


To package the plugin sources run:

  bazel build lib@PLUGIN@__plugin-src.jar

The output is created in:


To execute the tests run:

  bazel test //...

This project can be imported into the Eclipse IDE:


Build in Gerrit tree

Clone or link this plugin to the plugins directory of Gerrit's source tree. From Gerrit source tree issue the command:

  bazel build plugins/@PLUGIN@

The output is created in


To execute the tests run either one of:

  bazel test --test_tag_filters=@PLUGIN@ //...
  bazel test plugins/@PLUGIN@:@PLUGIN@_tests

This project can be imported into the Eclipse IDE: Add the plugin name to the CUSTOM_PLUGINS in tools/bzl/plugins.bzl, and execute:


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