This plugin is built with Buck.

Two build modes are supported: Standalone and in Gerrit tree. Standalone build mode is recommended, as this mode doesn't require local Gerrit tree to exist.

Build standalone

Clone bucklets library:

  git clone

and link it to rabbitmq directory:

  cd rabbitmq && ln -s ../bucklets .

Add link to the .buckversion file:

  cd rabbitmq && ln -s bucklets/buckversion .buckversion

Add link to the .watchmanconfig file:

  cd rabbitmq && ln -s bucklets/watchmanconfig .watchmanconfig

To build the plugin, issue the following command:

  buck build plugin

The output is created in


Build in Gerrit tree

Clone or link this plugin to the plugins directory of Gerrit's source tree, and issue the command:

  buck build plugins/rabbitmq

The output is created in


This project can be imported into the Eclipse IDE:


How to build the Gerrit Plugin API is described in the Gerrit documentation.