RabbitMQ Configuration

Some parameters can be configured using config file.


You can locate config files to $site_path/data/rabbitmq/site. File extension must be .config. Connection to RabbitMQ will be established for each files.

If rabbitmq.config exists in $site_path/data/rabbitmq, it is loaded at first. It means that this is default for all config files.


If amqp..password is specified in $site_path/etc/secure.config. This password is used when trying to connect to amqp with username = .

  [amqp "guest"]
    password = guest

File format

    uri = amqp://localhost
    username = guest
    password = guest
    name = exchange-for-gerrit-queue
    deliveryMode = 1
    priority = 0
    routingKey = com.foobar.www.gerrit
    name = foobar-gerrit
    hostname = www.foobar.com
    scheme = ssh
    port = 29418
    listenAs = gerrituser
    interval = 15000
    failureCount = 15
  • amqp.uri

    • The URI of RabbitMQ server's endpoint.
  • amqp.username

    • Username for RabbitMQ connection authentication.
  • amqp.password

    • Password for RabbitMQ connection authentication.
  • exchange.name

    • The name of exchange.
  • message.deliveryMode

    • The delivery mode. if not specified, defaults to 1.
      • 1 - non-persistent
      • 2 - persistent
  • message.priority

    • The priority of message. if not specified, defaults to 0.
  • message.routingKey

    • The name of routingKey. This is stored to message property.
  • gerrit.name

    • The name of gerrit(not hostname). This is your given name to identify your gerrit. This can be used for message header only.
  • gerrit.hostname

    • The hostname of gerrit for SCM connection. This can be used for message header only.
  • gerrit.scheme

    • The scheme of gerrit for SCM connection. This can be used for message header only.
  • gerrit.port

    • The port number of gerrit for SCM connection. This can be used for message header only.
  • gerrit.listenAs

    • The user of gerrit who listen events. If not specified, listen events as unrestricted user.
  • monitor.interval

    • The interval time in milliseconds for connection monitor. You can specify the value more than 5000.
  • monitor.failureCount

    • The count of failure. If the command for publishing message failed in the specified number of times in succession, connection will be renewed.

Default Values

You can change the below values by specifying them in config file.

Bold is String value.

gerrit.listenAsUnrestricted user