This plugin enforce a project group structure and restrict project creation within this structure to project group owners only. Besides the rules the plugin enforce for the project group structure, it also enforce other naming rules like project name cannot contain spaces.

To start creating a project group structure, simply create a root project, i.e. a project which inherits rights from All-Projects. The root project name cannot contains slashes, e.g. some-organization and must be created with option Only serve as parent for other projects.

Ownership of the root project is given automatically to the user who created it by adding him to a group named <root-project-name>-admins, e.g. some-organization-admins which is granted owner right on refs/* references.

From this point on, only the root project owners can create projects within that structure. They can do it by creating projects that inherits rights from their root project and the project names must start with root project name, e.g. some-organization/some-project.

Delegating group

Project creation can also be delegated to non-owner users by configuring delegateProjectCreationTo in the project.config of refs/meta/config branch of the parent project.

The value of delegateProjectCreationTo must be set to a group reference.

project.config file

[plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
delegateProjectCreationTo = group group_name

groups file

group_uuid		group_name

The UUID of a group can be found on the “General” tab of the group's page.

If creating-project is delegated to built-in groups, e.g. “Registered Users” group, then the value is as following:

project.config file

[plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
delegateProjectCreationTo = group Registered Users

groups file

global:Registered-Users		Registered Users

A way to edit project.config and groups file is from Gerrit UI. For example, to delegate project creation under orgA root project to orgA-project-creators group:

  • From main menu, click People -> List Groups

  • Type orgA-project-creators as the filter then click on orgA-project-creators group

  • Copy the group UUID (example: 3d2bef3b667a577f2dd5232e0848c526efd11b1f)

  • From main menu, click Projects -> List

  • Type orgA as the filter then click on orgA project

  • Click Edit Config button

  • Add the following then click Save -> Close:

    	[plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
    	delegateProjectCreationTo = orgA-project-creators
  • Click Add... button then type and open groups file

  • Add the following then click Save -> Close:

    	3d2bef3b667a577f2dd5232e0848c526efd11b1f	orgA-project-creators
  • Click Publish button, review, vote and submit the change to apply new configuration

Ownership of a project created by delegated user is given automatically to that user by adding him to a group named <root-project-name>-admins. It is possible to disable granting the ownership by configuring disableGrantingProjectOwnership in the project.config of refs/meta/config branch of the parent project:

[plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
disableGrantingProjectOwnership = true