How to enable

The plugin-manager requires the ability to administer the plugins in Gerrit, using the Gerrit's plugins.allowRemoteAdmin = true setting.


The other plugin-specific settings are defined in the [plugin-manager] section in the gerrit.config.

jenkinsUrl : URL of the Jenkins CI responsible for building and validating the plugins for the current stable branch of Gerrit. Default value:

Plugin discovery

The compatible plugins are retrieved from a site of build artifacts that are following the view setup of the gerrit-ci-scripts project. There is one view per Gerrit stable branch (e.g. Plugins-stable-3.0 contains all the artifacts of the plugins built against the Gerrit stable-3.0 branch).

Only the plugins with a job in the corresponding view and having at least one successful build will be shown in the list and be discoverable.

It is possible to control the list of plugins discoverable by editing the corresponding view.

DISCLAIMER: The plugin-manager aims at allowing the discovery and easy download and setup of plugins into Gerrit. It is the plugin's maintainer responsibility to maintain the build an end-to-end test of the plugin itself. One plugin that is building and passes the tests on the CI may well not work on Gerrit: testing and validation are always recommended.