Gerrit OAuth2 authentication provider

With this plugin Gerrit can use OAuth2 protocol for authentication. Supported OAuth providers:

  • GitHub
  • Google

See the Wiki what it can do for you.


To build the plugin, install Buck and run the following:

  git clone --recursive
  cd gerrit-oauth-provider && buck build plugin

Copy the buck-out/gen/gerrit-oauth-provider.jar to $gerit_site/plugins and re-run init to configure it:

  java -jar gerrit.war init -d <site>
  *** OAuth Authentication Provider
  Use Google OAuth provider for Gerrit login ? [Y/n]?
  Application client id          : <client-id>
  Application client secret      : 
                confirm password : 
  Link to OpenID accounts? [true]: 
  Use GitHub OAuth provider for Gerrit login ? [Y/n]? n


Apache License 2.0