Documentation: fix default replication type for local setup

In the default REPLICATION_TYPE is set to file instead of ssh.

Change-Id: Ib009de8a2299cd0ca73240c5d7d71bbc5a990503
diff --git a/setup_local_env/ b/setup_local_env/
index fca46d8..88b40d5 100644
--- a/setup_local_env/
+++ b/setup_local_env/
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@
 [--gerrit2-httpd-port]          Gerrit Instance 2 http port; default 18081
 [--gerrit2-sshd-port]           Gerrit Instance 2 sshd port; default 49418
-[--replication-type]            Options [file,ssh]; default ssh
+[--replication-type]            Options [file,ssh]; default file
 [--replication-ssh-user]        SSH user for the replication plugin; default $(whoami)
 [--replication-delay]           Replication delay across the two instances in seconds