HTTP endpoints

The @PLUGIN@ plugin also provides HTTP endpoints, as described here below:


Admin users can query for the replication lag in order to understand what projects' replication is running behind and by how much (in milliseconds).

The results are returned in a map ordered in descending order by the replication lag, so that the most behind projects are returned first.

Whilst some lag information is also available as a metric (see the documentation), this endpoint provides more information since it shows which project is associated to which specific lag.

You can query the endpoint (at the receiving end of the replication) as follows:

curl -v -XGET -u <admin> '<gerrit>/a/plugins/multi-site/replication-lag?[limit=LIMIT]'

Output example:

  "All-Users": 62,
  "bar": 13,
  "foo": 0,
  "some/other/project": 1451,
  "baz": 6432

Optionally the REST endpoint can receive the following additional arguments:

  • limit=LIMIT

maximum number of projects to return default:10