MOTD Configuration

Reloading Messages

To reload the current messages displayed to clients, simply reload the plugin:

  ssh -p 29418 localhost gerrit plugin reload motd

File motd.config

The file $site_path/etc/motd.config is a Git-style config file that contains the messages and subnet-based messages to be displayed to users. It contains an optional global message, and optional sections for subnet-specific messages.

Subnet-based configurations should replace the SUBNET portion with the appropriate subnet in CIDR-style notation.

Optionally, the parameter ${user} will be substituted into any message as the user's username. If user is unauthenticated, the substitution will not be performed.

gerrit.motd : Message to be displayed to all users, regardless of their IP.

subnet.SUBNET.motd : Message to be displayed to users with an IP in range of SUBNET.