The configuration of the @PLUGIN@ plugin is done in the gerrit.config file.

To access the monitoring URL, a user must be a member of a group that is granted the ‘View Metrics’ capability (provided by this plugin) or the ‘Administrate Server’ capability. Alternatively, authentication using prometheus bearer token is also supported.

This capability can be configured in the ‘Global Capabilities’ section of the ‘All-Projects’ access right.

It is possible to allow anonymous access to the metrics by giving the capability to the ‘Anonymous Users’ group.

plugin.@PLUGIN@.prometheusBearerToken : Bearer token for allowing Prometheus to query Gerrit metrics through its scraper. Defaults to undefine.

When defined, access to the plugins/@PLUGIN@/metrics URL does not require any authentication and do not check any ACL related to the ‘View Metrics’ global capability. See Prometheus documentation for how to configure the integration with Prometheus.

plugin.@PLUGIN@.excludeMetrics : Regex pattern used to exclude metrics from the report. It can be specified multiple times. Note that pattern matching is done on the whole metric name, not only on a part of it. By default no metric is excluded. For example, to exclude all cache metrics, use: excludeMetrics = cache.*

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