This plugin allows users to monitor git-repo manifests in manifest repositories and generate rev-specific manifests (similar to “repo manifest -o”) and store them to a separate git repository (configurable.)

Warning: this plugin is currently under development and is targeting 2.9.1

The rev-specific manifest of each source manifest is stored in its own branch with the following naming convention: m/<source manifest branch>/<source manifest path>

The name of the rev-specific manifest is default.xml

For example, if the source manifests are branch: master file: default.xml file: dev.xml file: upstream-mirror.xml

There will be three branches in the destination repository with these names: m/master/default.xml m/master/dev.xml m/master/upstream-mirror.xml

If a tag is placed at the start of one of these branches, “git describe” can be used to provide system-level version metadata. One can also use “git bisect” on the branches to identify system-level regression.

The subject line of the change that triggered the snapshot manifest is included in the commit message of the snapshot manifest. This way, you can get a summary sequence of changes of all repository described by that manifest by running the following git log command in the snapshot manifest branch:

git log --pretty=format:%b
  • Enabled by project.config in the manifest project to be monitored
  • Manifest class is generated from ‘repo help manifest’ DTD using JAXB (part of the build step)
  • <include>s are expanded similar to “repo manifest -o” (only works for manifests in the same source manifest repository reference by relative path)
  • Supports <remove-project>
  • Circular update loop is prevented by not monitoring any of the snapshot manifest repositories
  • Projects in the manifests are assumed to be on the server. (There is no check currently so it's a potential source of error.)
  • Snapshot manifests are generated when the source manifests are updated
  • Parsed manifests are kept in memory for quick lookup
xjc -dtd -d gen -p com.amd.gerrit.plugins.manifestsubscription.manifest manifest.dtd

Manifest represent raw XML CanonicalManifest resolve and

  • TODO: possibly separate out manifest op into a separate plugin and make VesionedManifest as a libary (manifest-base or something)

  • TODO: generate snapshot manifest for all commit (Currently only generated on a per push/ref-updated basis)

    • Make it configurable, possibly per project, using plugin config or via special tag in manifest
  • TODO: monitor all manifest branch if no branch is specified

  • TODO: ssh command to check what is being monitored

  • TODO: strict mode, only monitor projects using default (no remote)

  • TODO: split mode (store all manifests in same branch structure as source instead of flattening the underlying file strcuture)

  • TODO: not monitor non-local projects

  • TODO: provide hook for non-local projects to trigger snapshot update

  • TODO: add something to prevent loop even if store repo is the same as source manifest repo

  • TODO: check project.config on newly created project

  • TODO: include an external manifest DTD or XML schema/XSD

  • TODO add test verify manifest that can cause circular conditions

  • TODO sub dir include manifest have same level include working