Adapt to a Bazel in-tree build

While the Buck build has been removed, the instructions
were still stuck with it. Adapt all the instructions to reflect
what is needed to successfuly build the plugin with Bazel
using a Gerrit in-tree style plugin build process.

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 * `linux`
 * `java-1.8`
-* `Buck`
+* `Bazel`
+Kafka plugin can be build as a regular 'in-tree' plugin. That means that is required to
+clone a Gerrit source tree first and then to have the Kafka plugin source directory into
+the /plugins path. Additionally, the plugins/external_plugin_deps.bzl file needs to be
+updated to match the Kafka plugin one.
-Clone or link this plugin to the plugins directory of Gerrit's source
-tree, and issue the command:
+    git clone --recursive
+    git clone gerrit/plugins/kafka-events
+    cd gerrit
+    rm plugins/external_plugin_deps.bzl
+    ln -s ./kafka-events/external_plugin_deps.bzl plugins/.
+To build the kafka-events plugins, issue the command from the Gerrit source path:
-    buck build plugins/kafka-events
+    bazel build plugins/kafka-events
 The output is created in
-    buck-out/gen/plugins/kafka-events/kafka-events.jar
+    bazel-genfiles/plugins/kafka-events/kafka-events.jar
 Minimum Configuration