@PLUGIN@ configuration


The plugin does not require any configuration at all and exposes an HTTP endpoint for querying the service status.

GET /config/server/healthcheck~status

  "ts": 139402910202,
  "elapsed": 100,
  "querychanges": {
    "ts": 139402910202,
    "elapsed": 20,
    "result": "passed"
  "projectslist": {
    "ts": 139402910202,
    "elapsed": 100,
    "result": "passed"
  "auth": {
    "ts": 139402910202,
    "elapsed": 80,
    "result": "passed"


The plugin allows to customize its behaviour through a specific healthcheck.config file in the $GERRIT_SITE/etc directory.

Each section of the form [healthcheck "<checkName>"] can tailor the behaviour of an individual <checkName>. The section [healthcheck] defines the global defaults valid for all checks.

The following check names are available:

  • querychanges: check the ability to query changes
  • jgit : check connectivity to the filesystem and ability to open a JGit ref and object
  • projectslist : check the ability to list projects with their descriptions
  • auth: check the ability to authenticate with username and password

The follwing parameters are available:

  • healthcheck.<checkName>.timeout : Specific timeout (msec) for the healthcheck to complete. Zero means that there is no timeout.

    Default: 500

  • healthcheck.<checkName>.query : Query to be executed for extracting elements from the check.

    Default: status:open

  • healthcheck.<checkName>.limit : Maximum number of elements to retrieve from the the check results.

    Default: 10

  • healthcheck.jgit.project : A project name to check for accessibility of its refs/meta/config. Multiple occurrences are allowed to configure more projects, in addition to the default ones that are always included.

    Default: All-Projects, All-Users

  • healthcheck.auth.username : Username to use for authentication

    Default: healthcheck

  • healthcheck.auth.password : Password to use for authentication

    Default: no password