The Gitiles plugin for Gerrit allows you to list and browse all your Gerrit repositories using Gitiles.

The plugin points Gitiles back at the running Gerrit server for things like Change-Id links, so you can be up and running with no additional configuration. If necessary, though, you can put additional Gitiles configuration in etc/gitiles.config.

Gitiles now provides its own links through the weblinks extensions in Gerrit. If you upgrade from an older version of the Gitiles plugin, that uses the gitweb configuration in ‘etc/gerrit.config’, you will have to remove this section or the links will be in duplicate.

Access Controls

Gitiles uses Gerrit access controls behind the scenes: the only repositories listed are those that are visible to the current user, logged in or not, and branch-level access controls are applied as well. Objects can only be looked up by SHA-1 if they are reachable from a visible branch.

File gitiles.config

The optional file $site_path/etc/gitiles.config is a Git-style config file that controls the settings for the core gitiles servlet. Some settings specific to the gitiles plugin can also be configured.

The name of the link that appears in Gerrit can be configured with gerrit.linkname. Defaults to browse if not set.

The link frame target name can be configured with Valid values are defined in the W3C HTML Specification. Defaults to _blank if not set.

    linkname = gitiles
    target = _self

The flag gerrit.noWebLinks can be set to true to run Gitiles without adding links in the Gerrit UI. Defaults to false if not set, meaning the links are added.

    noWebLinks = true

The flag gerrit.baseUrl can be set to a path other than the default location that Gitiles is being exposed. By default, it's at the path to Gerrit + plugins/gitiles/

When Gerrit is behind a reverse proxy, or via rewrite rules, Gitiles can be placed in easier-to-remember URLs.

    baseUrl =

Note: If using this setting you possibly want to set Gerrit‘s auth.cookiePath to “/” if it’s not running in document root already.