GitBlit plugin

This plugin integrates GitBlit ${GitBlit-Version} as a repository browser into Gerrit, with full SSO through Gerrit.


There are two different configurations: one for Gerrit so it knows how to generate links that will be processed by the plugin, and an optional GitBlit configuration for the plugin itself.

Gerrit configuration

In Gerrit's gerrit.config, define the [gitweb] section as follows:

        type = custom
        url = plugins/@PLUGIN@/
        linkname = browse
        project = summary/?r=${project}
        revision = commit/?r=${project}&h=${commit}
        branch = log/?r=${project}&h=${branch}
        filehistory = history/?f=\${file}&r=${project}&h=${branch}
        file = blob/?r=${project}&h=${commit}&f=\${file}
        roottree = tree/?r=${project}&h=${commit}

This is normally done automatically if you add the plugin and run through java -jar gerrit.war init -d site_path, but you can also add this manually to Gerrit's config file. The linkname can be adapted to your taste.

Configuring the top menu

This plugin adds a “GitBlit” top menu to Gerrit, and also a new sub-menu item to the “Projects” top menu. Since v2.11 of this plugin, the link texts for all sub-menu items can be configured to your taste in a [plugin "@PLUGIN@"] section in your gerrit.config. If the section is not present, or some values in that section are not defined, the plugin uses built-in default texts. The default configuration would correspond to

[plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
        repositories = Repositories
        activity = Activity
        documentation = Documentation
        search =
        browse = Browse

The first four are sub-menu items of the “GitBlit” top menu, the last one is a new “browse” sub-menu item in Gerrit‘s “Projects” menu that is shown for Gerrit’s “current” project (since v2.11).

The “search” sub-menu item is by default not set and will thus not be shown. Setting it makes only sense if you enable GitBlit indexing on some of your projects.

GitBlit configuration

The plugin includes in the JAR a minimal default configuration to make GitBlit act only as a repository viewer. You can provide your own customized file located in Gerrit's $GERRIT_SITE/etc directory. The $GERRIT_SITE/etc/ takes precedence over the pre-defined configuration settings.

P.S. The following two GitBlit properties are not configurable as changing them would break the plugin functionality:

  • git.repositoriesFolder is hardcoded to point to Gerrit repositories directory
  • realm.userService is hardcoded to resolve GitBlit users using Gerrit authentication realm

Additionally the GitBlit ticket service is not available as would not make sense when used in a read only repository viewer.

The built-in configuration is archived in the GitBlit source repository. The latest version on master is

Issue tracking

Report bugs or make feature requests at the Gerrit issue tracker.