GitBlit plugin


Purpose of this plugin is to use Gitblit as web-based viewer (i.e. GitWeb replacement) on top of Gerrit Code Review.

How to build

As pre-requisites you need to make a custom-build of Gitblit and Wicket: the standard JARs downloaded from a public Maven repository aren't enough as they are missing some specific build parameters and constraints (i.e. shaded-jar) that are needed for a Gerrit plugin to work properly.


You need to clone Gitblit from GitHub and build it locally using the installMaven ANT target.

$ git clone
$ git checkout develop
$ ant -DresourceFolderPrefix=static installMaven

Gitblit plugin

You are ready now to clone and build the Gitblit plugin: the Wicket and Giblit dependencies will be taken from your local Maven repository.

$ mvn package


In order to use GitBlit as GitWeb replacement, please apply the following configuration to your Gerrit config.

    type = custom
    linkname = Gitblit
    url = plugins/gitblit/
    revision = commit/?r=${project}&h=${commit}
    project = summary/?r=${project}
    branch = log/?r=${project}&h=${branch}
    filehistory = history/?f=${file}&r=${project}&h=${branch}
    file = blob/?r=${project}&h=${commit}&f=${file}
    roottree = tree/?r=${project}&h=${commit}