This plugin is built with Bazel.

This plugin has a side component, gc-executor, to build as well.

Successfully running some of the tests requires Docker, which are skipped if Docker is not available.

Bazel currently does not show link:[skipped tests].

Building gc-executor

To build the executor, issue the following command:

  bazel build plugins/@PLUGIN@:gc-executor_deploy.jar

The output is created in:


This jar should be renamed to gc-executor.jar before deployment.

Once the executor is built, the resulting postgresql jar file like below should be manually copied over to the gerrit site /lib folder; on macOS:


That file has to be in accordance with potentially existing database driver files under site's /lib, for proper account_patch_reviews support.

Build in Gerrit tree

Clone or link this plugin to the plugins directory of Gerrit's source tree. Put the external dependency Bazel build file into the Gerrit /plugins directory, replacing the existing empty one.

  cd gerrit/plugins
  rm external_plugin_deps.bzl
  ln -s @PLUGIN@/external_plugin_deps.bzl .

From Gerrit source tree issue the command:

  bazel build plugins/@PLUGIN@

The output is created in


To package the plugin sources run:

  bazel build plugins/@PLUGIN@:lib@PLUGIN@__plugin-src.jar

The output is created in:


To execute the tests run:

  bazel test --test_tag_filters=@PLUGIN@ //...

or filtering using the comma separated tags:

  bazel test --test_tag_filters=@PLUGIN@ --strict_java_deps=off //...

This project can be imported into the Eclipse IDE. Add the plugin name to the CUSTOM_PLUGINS set in Gerrit core in tools/bzl/plugins.bzl, and execute:


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