[FIND OWNERS] shows enhanced file-to-owner lists

* OwnersDb now includes "*" as owner email
  in 'file2owners' and 'owners'.
* [FIND OWNERS] shows up to 5 sections of file-to-owner lists:
  (1) Files with owners but no owner is in the Reviewers list
  (2) Files with owners but no Code-Review vote from an owner
  (3) Files with owners but can be approved by anyone (*)
  (4) Files with +1 or +2 Code-Review vote from owners
  (5) Files without any named owner
  Section (1) (2) (4) include files with named owners.
  Section (3) is new and could be displayed alone,
  for files with both named and "*" owners.
  Section (5) is new and includes only files without named owner.
  Section (5) is suppressed if there is no other section nor "*" owner.
* Show file-to-owner lists even for CLs with
  "Exempt-From-Owner-Approval:" tag.
  Move the check of isExemptedFromOwnerApproval() from
  showFindOwnersResults into updateDivContent.
* Use JavaScript enum style for GROUP_TYPE.

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