The events-gcloud-pubsub plugin is configured by adding a plugin stanza in the gerrit.config file, for example:

[plugin "events-gcloud-pubsub"]
    numberOfSubscribers = 6
    subscriptionId = instance-1
    gcloudProject = test_project
    privateKeyLocation = /var/gerrit/etc/secured_key.json : GCloud project name : Conditional. This value identifies the subscriber and it must be unique within your Gerrit cluster to allow different Gerrit nodes to consume data from the stream independently. It can be omitted when gerrit.instanceId is configured, otherwise it is mandatory. Default: gerrit.instanceId value (when defined) See also: gerrit.instanceId : Path to the JSON file that contains service account key. The file should be readable only by the daemon process because it contains information that wouldn’t normally be exposed to everyone. : Optional. The number of expected events-gcloud-pubsub subscribers. This will be used to allocate a thread pool able to run all subscribers. Default: 6 : Optional. The approximate amount of time (on a best-effort basis) Pub/Sub waits for the subscriber to acknowledge receipt before resending the message. Default: 10 : Optional. Maximum time in seconds to wait for the subscriber to connect to GCloud PubSub topic. Default: 10 : Optional. Name of the GCloud PubSub topic for stream events. events-gcloud-pubsub plugin exposes all stream events under this topic name. Default: gerrit