This plugin is built using Bazel. Only the Gerrit in-tree build is supported.

Clone or link this plugin to the plugins directory of Gerrit's source tree.

  git clone
  git clone
  cd gerrit/plugins
  ln -s ../../@PLUGIN@ .

From Gerrit source tree issue the command:

  bazel build plugins/@PLUGIN@

The output is created in


This project can be imported into the Eclipse IDE. Add the plugin name to the CUSTOM_PLUGINS set in Gerrit core in tools/bzl/plugins.bzl, and execute:


Note for compatibility reasons Maven build is provided, but it considered to be deprecated and is going to be removed in one of the future versions of this plugin.

  mvn clean package

When building with Maven, the Gerrit Plugin API must be available. How to build the Gerrit Plugin API is described in the Gerrit documentation.