The configuration of the @PLUGIN@ plugin is done in the gerrit.config file.

  [plugin "@PLUGIN@"]
    allowDeletionOfReposWithTags = true
In some organizations repositories that contain tags must not be
deleted due to legal reasons. This is the case when tags are used
to mark releases which are shipped to customers and hence the
source code must be kept to ensure build reproducibility of the

By default true.
Hiding the project means that the project state is set to `HIDDEN`,
all access rights are removed and the project is reparented to the
project defined by [parentForDeletedProjects](#parentForDeletedProjects).
This parent project is automatically created under the root project
when it does not exist yet.

By default false.
This project is only used when [hideProjectOnPreserve](#hideProjectOnPreserve)
is set to true.

By default `Deleted-Projects`.
May be specified more than once to specify multiple project names or

By default not set.
Archiving the git repository means that the repository is stored
in a folder which is not visible to the users which, from the user
perspective, is equivalent to the repository being deleted. The
advantage is, archived repositories can be later recovered if, needed,
just by moving them back to their former name and location.
The target folder used to archive the repositories can be set by
[archiveFolder](#archiveFolder). Archived repositories are moved
under the [archiveFolder](#archiveFolder) and renamed to add a
timestamp and the %archived% suffix to the original name.
Archived repositories are kept in the archive for a time period which
can be set by [deleteArchivedReposAfter](#deleteArchivedReposAfter).

If this option is enabled, the project will not be deleted but rather
renamed and moved into the archive folder.

If the repository has been archived for a time period longer than
[deleteArchivedReposAfter](#deleteArchivedReposAfter), it will be
deleted from the archive by a periodic task which runs once a day.

By default false.
The git repository is archived to this target folder only if
[archiveDeletedRepos](#archiveDeletedRepos) is set to true.

By default `$site_path/data/delete-project`.
The following suffixes are supported to define the time unit:\n
	1. d, day, days\n
	2. w, week, weeks (1 week is treated as 7 days)\n
	3. mon, month, months (1 month is treated as 30 days)\n
	4. y, year, years (1 year is treated as 365 days)\n

If not specified, the default time unit is in days.

The project git repository is archived to this target folder only if
[archiveDeletedRepos](#archiveDeletedRepos) is set to true.

If [archiveDeletedRepos](#archiveDeletedRepos) is set to true but this
option is set to zero, the periodic task will not be executed and the
archived repositories need to be deleted manually or using an external

By default 180 (days).