Provides the ability to delete a project.

Deleting a project means that the project is completely removed from the Gerrit installation, including all its changes and optionally its Git repository.

When a project is fully deleted, a project deletion event is fired. Other plugins can listen to this event by implementing which is part of the Gerrit core extension API. The project deletion event is only fired if the Git repository of the project is deleted.


There are a few caveats:

  • This cannot be undone

    This is an irreversible action, and should be taken with extreme care. Backups are always advised of any important data.

  • You cannot delete projects that use “submodule subscription”

    If deleting a project that makes use of submodule subscription, you cannot delete the project. Remove the submodule registration before attempting to delete the project.

Replication of project deletions

This plugin does not replicate any project deletions, but it triggers an event when a project is deleted. The [replication plugin] ( can be configured to listen to the project deletion event and to replicate project deletions.

Event after project deletion

This plugin generates an event after project deletion. Format of the event:

=== Project Deleted

Sent after project deletion.

type:: “project-deleted”

projectName:: Name of the deleted project

eventCreatedOn:: Time in seconds since the UNIX epoch when this event was created.

NOTE: This event will be delivered only to the unrestricted listeners. Unrestricted events listeners implement without performing any permission checking.


To be allowed to delete arbitrary projects a user must be a member of a group that is granted the ‘Delete Project’ capability (provided by this plugin) or the ‘Administrate Server’ capability. Project owners are allowed to delete their own projects if they are member of a group that is granted the ‘Delete Own Project’ capability (provided by this plugin).