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Commit Message Length Configuration
The maximum lengths of the subject and message body can be
configured in the standard Gerrit config file `gerrit.config`.
The defaults are 50 characters for the summary and 72 characters
for the description, as recommended by the
[git tutorial](
and [expanded upon by Tim Pope](
: Maximum length of the commit message's subject line. Defaults
to 50 if not specified or less than 0.
: Maximum length of a line in the commit message's body. Defaults
to 72 if not specified or less than 0.
: Percentage of commit message lines allowed to exceed the
maximum length before a warning or error is generated. Defaults
to 33 if not specified or less than 0.
: If set to `true`, reject commits whose subject or line
length exceeds the maximum allowed length. If not
specified, defaults to `false`.