@PLUGIN@ - /plugins/@PLUGIN@/checks.pending/ REST API

This page describes the pending-checks-related REST endpoints that are added by the @PLUGIN@ plugin.

Please also take note of the general information on the REST API.

Pending Checks Endpoints

Query Pending Checks

‘GET /plugins/@PLUGIN@/checks.pending/’

Queries pending checks for a checker.

Checks are pending if they are in a non-final state and the external checker system intends to post further updates on them.

Request parameters:

  • query: Query that should be used to match pending checks (required). The query operators which can be used in this query are described in the Query Operators section below.

Limitations for the input query:

  • Must contain exactly one checker operator.
  • The checker operator must either be the only operator in the query (‘checker:<CHECKER_UUID>’), or appear at the root level as part of an AND expression (e.g. ‘checker:<CHECKER_UUID> state:’, ‘checker:<CHECKER_UUID> (state: OR state:)’).

If no state is used in the input query this REST endpoint by default only returns checks that are in state NOT_STARTED.

This REST endpoint only returns pending checks for current patch sets.

Note that all users are allowed to query pending checks but the result includes only checks on changes that are visible to the calling user. This means pending checks for non-visible changes are filtered out.

Request by checker

  GET /plugins/@PLUGIN@/checks.pending/?query=checker:test:my-checker+(state:NOT_STARTED+OR+state:SCHEDULED) HTTP/1.0

As response a list of PendingChecksInfo entities is returned that describes the pending checks.

Response by checker

  HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  Content-Disposition: attachment
  Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8
      "patch_set": {
        "repository": "test-repo",
        "change_number": 1,
        "patch_set_id": 1
      "pending_checks": {
        "test:my-checker": {
          "state": "NOT_STARTED"
      "patch_set": {
        "repository": "test-repo",
        "change_number": 5,
        "patch_set_id": 2
      "pending_checks": {
        "test:my-checker": {
          "state": "SCHEDULED"

JSON Entities


The CheckablePatchSetInfo entity describes a patch set for which checks are pending.

Field NameDescription
repositoryThe repository name that this pending check applies to.
change_numberThe change number that this pending check applies to.
patch_set_idThe ID of the patch set that this pending check applies to.


The PendingCheckInfo entity describes a pending check.

Field NameDescription
stateThe state of the pending check


The PendingChecksInfo entity describes the pending checks on patch set.

Field NameDescription
patch_setThe patch set for checks are pending as CheckablePatchSetInfo entity.
pending_checksThe checks that are pending for the patch set as checker UUID to PendingCheckInfo entity.

Query Operators

The following query operators are supported in the input query for the Query Pending Checks REST endpoint.

  • checker:'CHECKER_UUID': Matches checks of the checker with the UUID ‘CHECKER_UUID’.
  • is:'STATE': Matches checks with the state ‘STATE’. Underscores in the state name can be omitted.
  • is:inprogress/is:in_progress: Matches checks with non-final states (NOT_STARTED, SCHEDULED and RUNNING).
  • state:'STATE': Matches checks with the state ‘STATE’.
  • scheme:'SCHEME': Matches checks with the scheme ‘SCHEME’.