/changes REST API

This page describes additions to the Gerrit change-related REST endpoints that are added by the @PLUGIN@ plugin.

Please also take note of the general information on the changes REST API.

Get Change options

‘GET /changes/{change-id}?@PLUGIN@--combined’

Adding the query parameter @PLUGIN@--combined adds a CheckChangeInfo entity to the plugins list in ChangeInfo. All fields reflect up-to-date information read from primary storage, not a secondary index.


The CheckChangeInfo describes check information on a change.

Field NameDescription
combined_check_stateThe combined state of all checks on the change.

CombinedCheckState (enum)

The CheckState enum can have the following values:

  • FAILED: At least one required check failed; other checks may have passed, or still be running.

  • WARNING: All relevant checks terminated, and at least one optional check failed, but no required checks failed.

  • IN_PROGRESS: At least one relevant check is in a non-terminated state (NOT_STARTED, SCHEDULED, RUNNING), and no required checks failed. Some optional checks may have failed.

  • SUCCESSFUL: All relevant checks terminated successfully.

  • NOT_RELEVANT: No checks are relevant to this change.